Got Questions?

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.  Before calling or emailing, please see if the answer to your ? can be found below.

What kind of properties do you offer?

We specialize in raw land which typically does not have any structures/homes on the properties.  If the property has any utilities such as electricity, water or sewer then we will note that on the listing.

I have never bought land before over the internet, how do I know you are legit?

We have been in business over 5 years and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and zero complaints (verify this by clicking the BBB link at the very bottom of our web-page).  We have hundreds of happy customers with scores of testimonials & dozens of repeat buyers.  Some of our most skeptical buyers are now our raving fans and repeat buyers!  Visit our Testimonials page to see for yourself.

Reasons you can confidently & safely invest in land from

  1. We are the legal owners not an unresponsive realtor
  2. We have an A+ Rating on the Better Business Bureau
  3. All properties come with clear title and no back taxes
  4. We make the land buying process fast, easy and painless!
  5. We have helped over 250 people become land owners!
I checked with the county on my property of interest and they do not show as the owner of record? is our website name and a registered business name of our LLC.  We hold all properties in either one of our LLC’s or in Trusts.  We can happily & easily supply the current ownership documents if needed.

How do I know your website is secure when making a payment?

Great question!  There are a couple ways… Look at the URL of our website (geekspeak for the website address in the search bar).  You will notice it begins with “https” instead of “http” which means the site is secured using an SSL Certificate (the s stands for secure). SSL Certificates secure all of your data as it is passed from your browser to the website’s server.  You will also notice a padlock icon to the left of our website address, this is a visual indicator that our website uses an SSL certificate.

Are you a Realtor or Broker?

No, we are the actual owners of all listed properties, we are a private real estate investment company.  We own or have equitable interest in all properties on our website.  Since you are buying directly from the us the Seller, the middleman is eliminated as well as the excessive & unnecessary commissions; this allows us the Seller to list properties at well below their market value and pass those commission savings onto you the Buyer.

How does purchasing a property Outright “Cash” work?
  1. Select a Property: Reserve the property and complete the checkout form to make a deposit of $499 to reserve the property.
  2. Sign Agreement: We will then prepare a land purchase agreement and email it to you (within 24 hrs) for review & electronic signing.
  3. Close on Property: We will begin the closing process either in-house or through 3rd party Escrow/Title company to collect payment for the purchase price and complete the land sale.
Are their any hidden fees when buying outright “Cash”?

No, all cash sales only have two expenses; the $499 Document Preparation/Closing Fee and the listed Cash Purchase Price.

Can I close on the purchase of this property through a Title Company?

Yes, if you are buying Cash and you have your heart set on using a title company, then the short answer is Yes.  Most title companies charge between $900 – $1,300 to close a transaction.  You will be responsible for this full amount.  You will have to do the math for yourself and decide if it makes sense for you to pay between $900 – $1,300 for closing based on the purchase price of your land.  We have closed on the acquisition and resale of over 300 properties with 98% of these being closed in house, so you can rest easy should you decide to close through us.

Are their any overdue or back-taxes on the properties?

No, all properties taxes are current within the last 12 months or will be brought current prior to transferring ownership.

How much are taxes?

In every property listing we list last year’s annual property tax amount.  If you do not see it in the listing or want to verify, call the county treasurer’s department with the APN (assessor parcel number) and ask.

Are their any liens on the properties?

No, we would never knowingly buy or re-sell any properties with the knowledge of them having liens.

Why are your properties so cheap?

Because we are land acquisition specialists & focus on volume not profits.  We are incredibly picky & review over 300 properties for every 1 that we buy and list for resale.  We only buy properties that position us to make a small profit and also enable you the Buyer to walk into instant equity!

What can you tell me about the property?

All properties listed on this website have been purchased for the sole purpose of re-selling.  Everything we know about each property is stated in the property listing.

Will you meet up with me to “show” me the land?

We cover multiples states and therefore cannot meet up to show each property.  We have done our best to include GPS coordinates as well as driving directions and maps that will assist you in finding the property.  You are welcome to drive out to and view any of our properties at your convenience.

Does the property have road access?

Yes, all of our properties have road access unless stated otherwise.

Can I camp on the land?

Most properties allow for camping on the land.  Each county is different about their rules/laws and how many days per year they allow camping on the land.

Can I live in an RV or motor-home on the land?

Each county is different and has different rules/laws unique to their county.  Most counties allow for landowners to “camp” on their property X number of days per year.  Are counties policing this or strictly enforcing this?  In most areas no, but we always error on the side of caution and ask you to comply with the Counties’ rules.

How is ownership transferred to me?

All properties we acquire were purchased with a Warranty Deed (Grant Deed in California) and property ownership is either held in that deed or transferred into a Trust.  When we transfer ownership to you, we the Grantor sign over the deed or transfer the trust to you and record all ownership transfer documents with the county recorder.  You will become the owner of record and start receiving the tax bill.  In the event you lose your original deed/trust document then the county will have a copy on file.

How long until I get my deed/transfer documents after I make a Cash purchase of property?

This varies depending on what State & County the property is in?  We are moving towards electronic recording and the 30-45 day waits are quickly becoming a thing of the past.  Depending on the State & County the property is in it can be as fast as 48 hours or as long as 45 days to receive original documents after recording.

Does the property have utilities?

Unless indicated in the property listing, the rural properties we represent do not have utilities. Most properties are perfect for off the grid living and best suited for solar- or wind-power.

Are mineral rights included?

Mineral rights are not included. However, the area has been geologically investigated and nothing of value has been found.  If you really research mineral rights you will most likely find that most mineral rights were kept by the railroad or government when the land was originally transferred from them to the first individual owner.

Can I raise crops on the property?

Yes, almost every property found on our website is zoned for agriculture & recreation. You can do most anything you like within the counties rules.  Most properties allow for installing a manufactured/mobile home or trailer.

Can I raise animals on the property?

Check with the county to verify but almost all our properties are zoned for agriculture and allow for animals.

Is land a safe investment?

Some of the wealthiest people got their start in real estate.  I am sure you have heard the Mark Twain quote “buy land, they’re not making any more of it”.   There is a limited supply, and as the United State’s population grows, rural, undeveloped land will likely become even more valuable than it is today.

Is title insurance available?

Upon request at closing you can purchase a title insurance policy in your name (at buyers expense) and close via First American Title Company or an alternate title company of your choosing, unless otherwise stated.

Do I need an attorney or real estate agent?

I would like to think that we have simplified the buying process with straightforward, easy-to-read contracts. Of course, if you have any concerns and think it necessary, we encourage you to hire a professional to review our contract.

Why should I buy from instead of Craigslist or eBay?

Security, Trust, Simplicity, Safety and Equity….There are many land sellers,lots of whom buy back tax or auction properties with title/lien issues and re-sell them on eBay or Craigslist.  That is not our business model, our properties have been carefully selected for their attributes, acreage, affordability, road access and potential appreciation.

Why should I buy from instead of a real estate agent?

A real estate agent or broker’s fees can range from 5% to 10% of the purchase price in a land transaction.  At, we offer handpicked, off-market properties at prices well below anything a realtor can match.  This allows you the buyer to walk into instant equity.

Can you help me look for a specific kind of property?

Yes, let us know the specific area you are looking at, your target purchase price and we will do our best to acquire a property that fits your criteria.


What is my $499 applied towards after clicking the “Reserve Property” button?

Whether buying on Payments or outright cash, there is paperwork and transfer of ownership involved.  This $499 amount covers the document preparation fee as well as the closing costs for us transferring ownership to you and having all documents recorded at the county.  This is not a profit center for us; it takes time, professionalism & follow up to ensure all documents are generated with accuracy and recorded properly with the county.  For comparison, a national title company would charge between $900 and $1,300 for this same service.

How does purchasing a property with “Seller Financing” work?

  1. Select a Property: Reserve the property and complete the checkout form to make a deposit of $499 to reserve the property.
  2. Sign Agreement: We will then prepare loan paperwork (land contract) and email it to you (within 24 hrs) for review & electronic signing.
  3. Close on Property: We will email you a link to our borrower portal where you can set up auto draft payments and manage your loan.

How do I qualify for Seller Financing?

If you can afford the $499 to Reserve the property + the down payment then you qualify (no credit checks or income verification necessary).  Note-not all properties require a down payment, for properties under $5,000 the $499 Document Preparation/Closing Fee is all that is required.

Are there any hidden fees when buying with Seller Financing?

No, all fees are listed in the property listing and on the loan paperwork.  Your monthly payment can be broken down into the following 3 parts:

  1. Principal & Interest (amount varies based on loan)
  2. Note Servicing Fee ($19 per month)
  3. Monthly Pro-Rated Property Taxes (1/12th the annual taxes)

What is the interest rate on Seller Financed properties?

By default all land loans are structured with a 10.9% interest rate.  We do not require income verification or a credit check.  You are welcome to get financing from a bank for your land purchase.  Below are vacant land lending requirements from a typical brick & mortar bank:

  • Income Verification
  • Credit Check
  • 25% to 50% down payment
  • Interest Rate: 12%-15%

If I purchase via Seller Financing, can I pay extra or pay off early?

Yes & Yes.  There are no penalties for paying extra on the principal or paying off your land early. You may log into your Borrower portal and check your balance or make an extra payment at your convenience.

In reference to Seller Financing, what is the note servicing fee?

The note servicing fee is a $19 per month fee we charge for servicing the loan.  The note servicing fee is collected as compensation for keeping a record of payments, collecting, and making property tax escrow payments and providing the borrower with access to a client portal that can be used to check balance, pay extra on principal or change out payment method.

When buying with Seller Financing, do I need to pay property taxes?

Your property taxes are pro-rated (annual amount is divided into 12 monthly payments) and collected monthly as part of your monthly land payment.  We continue to make the payments annually and after the loan is paid off we will transfer ownership to you with county.  After ownership has been transferred the Treasurer will start sending you the tax bill.

When buying with Seller Financing, is the property in my name?

The deed will remain in our name until the land is fully paid off.  Upon payoff ownership will legally be transferred into your name.

Can I build on or improve the property while making payments?

As a precaution it is best to wait until the property is paid off.  We would be not want you to install a well or build a cabin then run into financial hardship and have to forfeit your land along with its improvements.  Another reason is that everything must be done in accordance to zoning & other local laws.  Most counties will require building permits and they usually have to be submitted by and signed off by the owner of record (note-we remain the owner of record until land is paid off).  You are welcome to visit, use and camp on land (where allowed).

How does your 30 day money-back guarantee work?

All Our properties come with a 100% Money Back 30-Day Guarantee.  When purchasing land from, you are protected by a 100% money back 30-day guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your property, we will refund your money in full or exchange it for another property in our inventory.  We have sold over 300 properties and have over 250 happy clients.

Refund & Cancellation Policy?

If you are not fully satisfied for any reason prior to your closing on the sale and obtaining ownership, we will promptly issue you a full refund of your deposit.  All Document Preparation Fees and Closing Fees will not be refunded, only the sales/purchase price of the property. All refunds will be issued via check or wire transfer.

If requesting a Refund or Trade out?

During the first 30 days of owning the property you decide to return it or trade it for another property in our portfolio, please contact us directly by emailing [email protected]

Do not contact your credit card company and request a refund.  All refunds will be issued directly from in the form of a Cashier’s Check or Business Check.  If you paid with a Credit Card or Debit Card, please do not request a refund through your Credit Card company. Email or call us first.  We can most likely get you a check quicker than waiting 5-7 business days for the banking institution to reverse the charge.